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Huds & Toke

Sequin Bow Tie

Sequin Bow Tie

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Dogs and some Cats LOVE to be a part of any family gathering or celebration and what better way to include them, than with these super cute neon sparkly Bowtie CollarS. Pick a colour or colours that go best with their colouring, OR to match your outfit!!

They will definitely be going for extra pats and treats with these sparkly numbers.

Great for dogs and cats of all most sizes.

With the Bigger Dogs we found that you can simply wrap them around their existing collars if they have thick necks so they can still exude their inner glitter puppy!!

Please be sure to choose your favourite colour or we will choose a colour at random, either way they are all gorgeous colours.

Product Size

7.5cm Wide

Neck Size 20-40cm

Available in One Size

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