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Huds & Toke

Carob & Yoghurt Scrolls

Carob & Yoghurt Scrolls

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Product Description

Create a matchy matchy moment with our hand-made carob and frosted scrolls here at Huds and Toke. This dog treat is perfect for rewarding your dog either at home or whilst travelling. Our Carob and Yoghurt Frosted Scrolls are a delicious all-natural nutty based biscuit that’s been rolled up to resemble a scroll from your local bakery. The scroll is then drizzled in our low-fat carob and yoghurt no melt frosting - ideal for matching with your puppy on a doggy date to create those precious memories.

This is a hard baked cookie base and hard frosting designed specifically for dog jaws and chewing habits – ideal for added dental benefits. This helps with increasing the chew time for the dogs enrichment and the dogs parents enjoyment time. The minute the dog starts to devour the cookie the cookie starts to soften, no cutting required – they are designed to last longer than the usual cookie.

You can break them up if you need the pieces to be smaller.

Low in Fat, No added Salt, Sugar or Preservatives.

These cute cookies are great for an everyday treat or reward for dogs, dog birthday parties, doggy gifts and also gifts for dog parents. They look awesome for photos and videos.

Huds and Toke aims to create awesome memories with our beautiful Australian Made Natural and Hand Decorated Treats.

Great for dogs of all sizes.

Product Size

6.5cm x 3cm

Each Package contains a variety of designs. Colours and designs may differ slightly from the photo.


Whole Wheat Flour, Peanut Butter, Canola Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cheese Powder, Yoghurt Powder (low fat), Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Guar Gum, Colours, Sprinkles and Natural Colours.

Nutritional Analysis



Crude Protein


Crude Fat





Product Shelf Life and Storage

Store in Cool Dry Place, refrigeration not needed.

Our products are shelf stable for 12-18 months due to our unique drying process.

Product Usage

Dog reward treat, dog training, Instagram prop, dog trick training, dog birthday parties, special moments, coffee time with your dog.

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