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Stay Away Chew Deterrent 236ml

Stay Away Chew Deterrent 236ml

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Tropiclean Stay Away Extremely Bitter Chew Deterrent Prevents Your Pet From Getting Into Mischief Around The Home

A bitter spray to discourage undesirable chewing and licking behaviours

  • A gentle tool for training your pet not to chew, gnaw, or lick undesirable places – without having to apply force or punishment
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Results can be enhanced by actively encouraging and rewarding your pet's desirable behaviours
  • You should also provide suitable toys and activities to prevent boredom 
  • Extremely bitter taste - discourages animals from wanting to chew, bite, lick or gnaw on something coated with the solution 
  • Effective but completely natural and safe
  • Alcohol free - safe for consumption
  • Pet friendly - made with natural and safe ingredients
  • Cruelty free  - will not cause harm to your pet
  • Safe for wounds, furniture and plants
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