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Sign Knock Dog

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  • Size: 38x1x26cm (40cmH including string)

This is a perfect sign for those who wish to delight their visitors with an amusing yet welcoming message. The sign not only welcomes the visitors but also readies them to meet your furry four-legged companions.
It fills up your living spaces with messages that we all relate with and makes visitors feel cherished and welcome at all times by invoking the feeling of love and happiness. Crafted from high-quality MDF, this sign weighs 4.00kg and measures 38x1x26cm (40cmH including the string). It can either be hanged on entryways, doors and living room or kitchen walls. You can also choose to display it on counters or shelves. Regardless of where you have it, the sign will convey the fun side of your home besides decorating the space. The words are bold, and this proves your sincerity and welcoming nature. The smooth white background creates the perfect contrast that shows your soft spot towards visitors.