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Rogz Tumbler Treat Dispenser

Rogz Tumbler Treat Dispenser

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Your dog will have a ball with the Rogz Tumbler Treat Dog Toy. It's a treat puzzle that stimulates your dog's body and mind all while filling their tummy. There are 3 adjustable release rates for different levels of learning and feeding. Made from food-grade, high resistant ABS, this treat puzzle-toy is highly durable and is a great addition to any mealtime!

Treat Puzzle- Designed with a large treat cavity, Tumbler is easily filled with various types of treats and dry pellet food for your dog to enjoy. The unique inner ring counterweight allows you
to adjust the rate at which the treats are released according to your dog's learning level.

Slow Feed - Slow feeding to avoid bloating and vomiting.

Wiggle - The unique inner ring counterweight enables an erratic motion, allowing treats to be dispensed at different rates and loads. The erratic movement stimulates both your dog's mind and muscles all while filling his tummy.

Dishwasher Safe- The Tumbler comes in three components, all of which are safely washable on the top rack of the dishwasher. All components are easily cleaned.

Bite-o-Meter - Hard-suitable for hard chewers as the durable plastic wears well.

Available in 5 bright colours!


Rope: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester

Inner tube: TPR

Label/eyes: Polyester

Crackle tube: Polycarbonate

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