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Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy

Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy

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The Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy is a throw and fetch toy designed to encourage hunting-style exuberance during playtime. Gum massaging technology takes care of your dog’s dental hygiene, while its lightweight material gives it buoyancy in water. With ropes to allow tugging and swinging and an inner squeaker to entice, Flossy Grinz will engage your dog for hours on end.

Dental Hygiene- The body of the toy has a tongue cleaning surface whilst the ropes help to clean teeth.

Massages Gums- Manufactured with GMT - Gum Massaging Technology, the rough surface gently massages your dog’s gums and cleans teeth while they play.

Erratic Bounce- The round body and rubbery texture of the ball makes it super bouncy.
Shake & Squeak - Designed to provide endless excitement, the Rogz Flossy Grinz Dental Toy bounces and squeaks while promoting hunting-style exuberance.

Bite-o-Meter - Level 4: Hard.


Body: TPR (thermoplastic Rubber)

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