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My Family Pet ID Tag Pug Fawn

My Family Pet ID Tag Pug Fawn

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Handmade with accuracy and enhanced with hand-made & painted enamel, the My Family Friends Pet ID Tags are a breed of their own! The collection offers hundreds of ID tags representing the most popular dog and cat breeds, accurately reproduced in each detail. Every piece conveys style and elegance, ideal to give our four-legged friends a "touch of style" that cannot go unnoticed. The quality of materials and finishes is undeniable and the large range allows you to find always the perfect fit for any pet. Made in Italy, each tag guarantees durability and extreme quality.

Personalise your Basic ID tag in less than two minutes using the My Family engraving machine in selected pet stores.

Hand-Made & Painted Enamel

Non-Allergenic Materials

Made in Italy


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