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Pet Head Spray 300ml

Pet Head Spray 300ml

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Pet Head Spray

Ditch The Dirt

Swam in the river, rolled in poo? Bring back your sweet-smelling bestie with these bath time favourites.

Quick Fix

No time for hours of pampering? These quick fixes spruce up your dog so you can both hit the town. An easy, everyday range that makes cleaning more enjoyable for all.

Sensitive Soul

Soft and gentle does it, soothing shampoos for more sensitive pooches. A soothing range full of nourishing ingredients for dogs with delicate skin.


It’s all about that gloss, show your love and turn heads with these coat care products.

Mucky Pup

Bath time fun for your new addition to the family. A kind and gentle range, perfect for puppies’ young and delicate skin.

In 2007, Pet Head was launched by the same creators of Bed Head hair care products in the USA. The line was inspired out of their love for animals and to ensure our pooches get the same quality products as we do!

BUT this Spring, the NEW Pet Head collections made with love by dog lovers, for dog lovers have arrived!
The fruity grooming range, fits any dog’s coat and nose which includes soothing shampoos, nourishing conditioners, hydrating sprays, soft foams, 100% biodegradable wipes and the famous super moisturizing paw butter.

Now bursting with natural oils and extracts, packed with wholesome and natural ingredients like aloe vera to soothe and vegetable protein to strengthen and moisturize the coat, all formulations are vegan, cruelty-free, pH balanced, free of parabens, surfactants and dyes and made in the USA to human quality standards.

The new and improved packaging it’s now even easier to use with the new push-pull bone cap for a fuss-free wash.

Pet Head is a pampering, multi-sensorial and highly effective grooming range, allowing you to care for your dog as well as you’d care for yourself – Love from Head to Paw.

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