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My Family Monza Leather Leash

My Family Monza Leather Leash

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Elegant and casual, all in one piece. The Monza collection, the latest creation by MyFamily, stands out for the particular texture of the micro-perforated leather, which aesthetically resembles the gloves of the race car drivers. While the concentric curves of the buckle immediately bring to mind a circuit: one of the most famous, the Monza circuit.

Beauty and practicality, two characteristics that are also found in the two MyFamily's "trademarks": the practical Tag-Holder, made to attach the ID tag of your pet directly to the collar and the unique Always Ready D-Ring, that goes back in position to facilitate the anchoring of the leash.

Craftsmanship is the pledge of MyFamily: our leather goods are 100% Made in Italy, with a treatment that makes every collar and leash classy and unique.

The leather used for the Monza collection is vegetably treated, without chromium or chemical elements that damage the planet and cause allergies. This artisanal treatment is carried out on high quality leather to preserve the natural characteristics and make each collar and leash unique and timeless. The photos of the products are purely indicative as color changes are characteristic of the natural process of vegetable tanning just like the best, 100 made in Italy, leather products. Details and elements of great craftsmanship that make the collars and leashes MyFamily unique and valuable accessories!

Leashes: finishes worthy of high fashion brands.

The design of each item is exclusive with high fashion finishings. 

The variety of the collections, inspired by all the cities in the world, allows a wider choice in terms of styles and materials, all strictly Made in Italy. You can choose the elegance of genuine Italian leather, the sustainability of the leatherette or versatility of the synthetic fabrics.

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