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Gigwi Melody Chaser Mouse

Gigwi Melody Chaser Mouse

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GiGwi Melody Chaser Mouse

Squeak Squeak! …..Do you hear that ? That’s the sound of your cat having a ball with their new GiGwi Melody Chaser Mouse Cat Toy. The GiGwi Melody Chaser series is fast becoming Australia’s best interactive cat toys. It's unique sound chip targets your cats hearing senses, with realistic animal sounds that will drive them wild. Felt and plush are combined to make it like a real mouse! Get your cat one today and prepare to enjoy hours of playtime with them.
GiGwi Melody chaser Toys make life like sounds after the Toy has been activated. They are designed to satisfy your cats hunting instincts and to keep it on its toes. Remove the plastic cord to activate the toy and watch the chase begin.

This toy is a great catnip free cat toy for those who’s cats do not react to catnip. These toys are great for mental stimulation, exercise and play!

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