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Kong Sherps Floofs Sheep Medium

Kong Sherps Floofs Sheep Medium

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  • Toy is covered in plush fabric for extra cozy cuddle sessions.
  • Double-layered construction helps the plushie stand up to even the rowdiest playmates.
  • Long ears are great for grabbing and tossing the toy during games of fetch.
  • Full-body squeaker and crackly ears stimulate your dog’s natural instincts.
  • Sweet, soft sheep makes a fine addition to any indoor toy box.

The KONG Sherps Floofs Sheep Dog Toy is the perfect way to get your BFF all the squeaky, cuddly fun she desires! This toy is covered in soft fabric, making it the ideal bedtime buddy. Its’ fitted with a full-body squeaker and crackly ears to satisfy your canine’s chewing instincts. Best of all, this sweet sheep features double-layered construction, helping it endure numerous indoor playing sessions with even the most passionate pups. If you’re looking for a squeaky toy that’s as durable as it is entertaining, the KONG Sherps Floofs Sheep is a must!

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