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Ceramic Sign Kisses And Tails

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Ceramic Sign Kisses And Tails

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 13x4x10cm
The Ceramic Sign Kisses and Tails is highly functional as a decorative object as well as a practical way of announcing the presence of pets in the compound/house. Its ornamental appearance and decorative value is made possible by its rectangular shapeliness, textured smooth feel, immaculate white colour, and centred wordings in colours of black and yellowish-gold.

Moulded in a rectangular shape which has its dimensions measuring 13 centimetres in length, 4 centimetres in width, and 10 centimetres in height, the Ceramic Sign Kisses and Tails is shapely and decoratively charming. Apart from being a décor item, it is also a sign which announces the presence of a pet fond of giving its owners wet kisses, wagging tails in happy delight, having a wet nose, and unflinching love. Which animal do you think it is talking about? The dog of course! A cat would have almost fitted into the picture, but cats don't wag their tails as much as dogs do when they are happy.