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HoHoHo Cookie

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An Individually Wrapped, large, Doggy Cookie, shaped like a bone with a VERY Christmas HO HO HO jolly wish on it.

These are decorated with NO Melt Frosting and are a great treat under the tree!!!!  

They come in a Red or Green Color as well...... It will be as much a surprise for you as it will be for your Puppy!

They look awesome and are specifically designed for dogs.  A large, dense biscuit decorated for the Christmas Festive Season.

It will take a while for your puppy to chew on this and they will love the festive frivolities as much as you!!!!

100% Australian Made.

NO MELT frosting with NO added Sugar or Artificial Preservatives and LOW in fat.

Believe us when we tell you...... their eyes will bulge with glee when they are given one of these over Christmas!!!!