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Hide And Slide Treat Puzzle

Hide And Slide Treat Puzzle

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Bust doggy boredom and mentally stimulate your furry friend with this fun, interactive, enrichment game puzzle.

The Hide and Slide Treat Puzzle feeder is a great way to challenge your dog and provide engagement whilst they eat. Place your dog's favourite food or treats randomly into the compartments and slide the covers over. Then allow your dog get to work, finding the treats using either their paw or mouth to slide the covers open.

This game puzzle is helpful for fast eaters, forcing them to slow down and work for their food. 
  • Made from non-toxic TPR plastic, BPA-free
  • Enrichment treat dispensing
  • For use with either kibble or treats
  • Eight sliding compartments/covers
  • Non-slip base
  • Helps to slow down fast eaters
  • Size - 24*24*3.2cm
  • Hand-wash only
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