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Golp Australian Free Range Chicken Bone Broth w COLLAGEN Goodness

Golp Australian Free Range Chicken Bone Broth w COLLAGEN Goodness

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** Due to the perishable nature of this product, we are unable to ship this magnificent GUT health gem.

We are so proud to introduce this incredible, very functional health food to the GOLP range. It's packed with loads of wellness and immunity benefits. A true Bone Broth like this is 1000 times more superior to a Gravy due to its naturally occurring goodness created during the hours and hours of gentle simmering whilst cooking this magical supplement. 

** Please place this nutritious Bone Broth into your refrigerator on arrival of receiving your delivery to continue the goodness before serving to your Dog & Cat. 

This is a beautiful product on so many levels, the packaging is exciting and user friendly. The balance of pure goodness combined with Free Range Chicken bones and cartilage creates valuable nutrition. We are so privileged to share this with our GOLP pets.

Available from Woolworths in the chilled pet food section in NSW and Lamanna Supermarket in Victoria ** as well as online at Golp.

This is an ancient super-food, wholefood & multivitamin. We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy gut microbiome. Our bone broth may be the perfect addition to assist with healing your dogs tummies by adding powerful nutrients to their meals.

Made with human ingredients, our Bone Broth builds immunity, is great for well-being and GUT health. It contains Collagen that may assist with anti-inflammatory benefits and joint health. 

Wondering about our Bone Broth...... it’s LOADED with NUTRITION, ensuring you can add it to your favourite pet food.

Easy pour pouch for storage and serving, No added salt or sugar,

For Cats and Dogs, All Natural, Single Protein, Everyday offering

STORAGE: Once opened, refrigerate & use within 7 days.
Or freeze into ice cubes should you have any left over.

*may help maintain healthy immunity, gut health, skin and
joint conditions
**may boost immune system with anti inflammatory
and antioxidant properties

feeding guide: squeeze 1-2 tablespoonful per 15kg bodyweight daily.
Simply pour over meals, squeeze broth straight from pouch into your pets
mouth or add to water for extra hydration.

NOTE: Always feed under supervision, ensure fresh drinking water is available.

Our packaging considers the environment with recycling materials. 


Bone Broth, POWERFUL NUTRITION not to be missed.

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