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Fuzzyard Cooling Bandana Candy Hearts Lg

Fuzzyard Cooling Bandana Candy Hearts Lg

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Candy Hearts Cooling Bandana

FuzzYard cooling bandanas are your pets favourite new and cool fashion accessory that provides icy cold style and decreased body temperature for your pet. Made with eco-friendly cotton and the best crystal polymer technology your pooch will be staying cool and looking cool in the warmer months.

The Cooling Process:

Our bandanas use a top of the line crystal polymer technology that activate by simply soaking the bandana in cold water for 10 minutes, which will cause the crystal beads to absorb the water and expand to become icy cool, then gently remove excess water and tie around your pets neck and provide them with refreshing coolness and lowering their body temperature. When the cooling effects wear off, soak it in water again and reuse!

-  Top of the line Crystal Polymer Technology
-  Eco-friendly cotton
-  Colourfast material so designs always stay vibrant and fun!
-  Non-toxic
-  Easy to clean

Care Instructions:
-  Use a damp cloth/sponge to clean

Small : 79cm x 3.5cm / 31 x 1.4 inches

Large: 99cm x 5cm / 39 x 1.9 inches

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