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Rogz Fred Dog Treat Ball

Rogz Fred Dog Treat Ball

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The Rogz Fred Dog Treat Ball isn't just a regular ball. Fred is a ball of many talents. He bounces erratically, dispenses treats and can even take care of your dog's dental hygiene thanks to his textured surfaces that gently massage their gums and cleans their teeth. Fred comes in five bright colours!

Dispenses Treats- Designed with one large and one small opening, it can accommodate different sizes and types of treats.

Bounces - Its odd shape and rubbery material give it an erratic bounce to keep your dog entertained.

Promotes Clean Teeth- Manufactured with GMT - Gum Massaging Technology, the textured surface gently massages your dog’s gums and cleans teeth while they play.

Safe and Durable- Made from 100% safe, non-toxic, recycled filler.

Bite-o-Meter - Level 2: Soft.


Body: 100% Non-Toxic TPR.

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