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Flexi Dots Cord Med 5mtr BLUE

Flexi Dots Cord Med 5mtr BLUE

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Flexi Dog Leads

The Flexi Lead Dot Design gives your dog freedom of movement when out on walks. The generous 5m-long cord automatically rolls back into the casing as you get closer to your dog, letting him satisfy his desire to run around and explore, while still leaving you in control. The retractable cord always stays taught, preventing it from dangling on the ground. This also makes it quick and easy to control the length of the lead using the short-stroke braking system, which functions just at the touch of a button and offers you extra control when needed.

The flexi New Classic Cord Lead can be customised with various practical accessories. The Multi Box can be used as a poop bag dispenser or a handy place to keep treats, while the attachable LED Lighting System gives you greater visibility and safety at night.

German made, German designed quality. Fashionable dot design, Suitabl for dogs up to 20kg with a 5 meter retractable lead.

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