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Flexi Classic Tape X/Small 3m BLACK

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Flexi Classic Tape Black

Give your dog the freedom of movement on their daily walkies with a Flexi retractable lead. With a generous 3m long tape that stays taught to prevent it dangling on the ground and automatically rolls back into the casing as you get closer to your dog, this lead allows you to satisfy his desire to follow his nose while still leaving you in control. The Flexi Classic Tape Retractable Lead allows you to quickly and easily control the length of the lead with the touch of a button using its short stroke breaking system.

  • Retractable lead for dogs
  • 3m long retractable tape
  • Short stroke breaking system to ensure control

Suggested Weight Ranges: Extra small - Up to 8kg, Small - 8kg to 12kg, Medium - 12kg to 20kg, Large - 20kg to 35kg.