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F & M Koala Reversable Harness Set 6 piece

F & M Koala Reversable Harness Set 6 piece

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F & M Reversable Harness Koala is made of high-quality neoprene fabric for superior comfort and durability. This lightweight koala-themed harness features a reversible design, making it perfect for any excursion. Enjoy the comfort of the neoprene fabric for all your outdoor adventures.

Set includes Harness, Lead, Collar, Bow Tie, Bandana & Poop bag holder


 XS:Neck   29-36cm Chest 36-48cm 

 S:Neck     35-44cm Chest 41-54cm 

 M: Neck   39-51cm Chest 46-61cm 

 L: Neck    42-56cm Chest 57-83cm

XL Neck:48-63CM Chest:59-88CM


XS  Width 1.5cm 22-30CM

S    Width 1.5cm 28-43CM 

Width 2.0 cm 33-51CM 

L    Width 2.5cm 41-66CM 


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