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Doggylicious Lick Pad

Doggylicious Lick Pad

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Doggy Butter Lick Pad

Make treat time even more fun.

The flat, non toxic flexible mat allows Doggylicious Doggy Butter to be spread on the surface to encourage licking to retrieve the tasty treat!!

Licking releases endorphins which helps your dog feel calm.

The Doggy Butter Lick mat also reduces calorie intake, by making small tasty treats last longer which in turn reduces the risk of over feeding.

Give your dog long lasting tail wagging joy with the Doggy Butter Lick Pad especially if you need to leave your dog home alone.

Simply smear with Doggylicious Doggy Butter to keep your dog entertained. It’s the perfect distraction during brushing, grooming or to extend treat time. Rinse with hot water to clean after each use.

  • Perfect for Doggylicious Doggy Butters.

  • Use to help assist with grooming, brushing & drying.

  • Made from non toxic rubber.

  • Wash with hot water after use.

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