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DGG Relax Spray - Coat & Bedding

DGG Relax Spray - Coat & Bedding

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This convenient spray deodorises coat and bedding with the added benefits of stress-reducing essential oils of lavender and chamomile to help calm anxious dogs and calendula, honey and oat extracts to soothe and condition their skin and hair. Great for a coat refresh in between washes or spray regularly to create a calm environment for your dog.

Features & Benefits

  • Made with natural botanicals. Contains a soothing, calming and coat-conditioning blend of essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, and Geranium, along with Honey, Oat Extract.
  • Contains Ordenone, a safe, non-toxic, natural compound that entraps and eliminates odours to keep your pooch and their bed smelling fresh.
  • SLES, Paraben and Soap Free and pH balanced for superior, non-irritating coat care.
  • Australian Made

Directions: Lightly mist the product onto bedding for a refreshing lavender fragrance. Mist onto the dog's coat and brush through to detangle, or massage through to condition and deodorise. Avoid spraying directly into ears, face or eye area.

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