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DGG Easy Groom Lick Mat

DGG Easy Groom Lick Mat

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This Easy Groom Lick Mat provides a positive distraction for dog's that get nervous during grooming, bathing, nail clipping or even visits to the vet. Smother the textured mat with a gooey treat to keep timid or troublesome puppers content and entertained. Strong suction cups secure firmly to tub or bathroom surface, to keep dog still during washing or grooming.

The flat textured mat is designed so your dog has to lick their treat off it, which has multiple benefits including releasing calming endorphins, providing positive re-enforcement, alleviating boredom, and stimulating saliva flow to help keep teeth and gum healthy. Designed as a slow-feeder, the mat reduces the speed of eating, which aids digestion. Can be used with a variety of spreadable treats from peanut butter to yoghurt. Try freezing in summer for a longer-lasting cool treat!

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