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Colour Magik Spray Emerald Green

Colour Magik Spray Emerald Green

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Propellant Free – Eco Friendly

Colour Magik™ pet spray comes in our unique, exclusive and versatile Flairosol dispenser
which has aerosol spray quality; however is propellant free, eco-friendly and can be used in all directions

…even spray upside down!

Any overspray on walls, floors, hands or clothing will wash off easily.
Enjoy this fun product to colour your pet for special occasions like birthdays, family fun days, fetes and so on.

So easy to use…
Just Spray On and Shampoo Off !

 Directions for use

To apply the ColourMagik Pet Spray™ shake the Flairsol dispenser before and during use.

Hold dispenser 10-20cm from your pet and spray your pets coat.


Apply Colour Magik Pet Spray™ in a well ventilated areas, such as a patio, laundry, or garage.

Allow 2-3 minutes to dry. For instant drying, use a hair dryer on cold air flow as you
apply Colour Magik Pet Spray.™

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