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Beasty Tendon Chews 85g

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Beasty Tendon Chews are a good source of protein and has an exceptional chew to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy while providing a longer lasting entertainment when compared to our other treats.

Dogs love the deliciously chewy texture and extra meaty flavours of Beasty Tendon Chews.

Made from human-grade ingredients and offering an excellent source of protein in a satisfyingly chewy format, these delicious treats are a great way of promoting good oral hygiene to protect your dog’s teeth.

Perfect when offered as a tasty treat or a reward during training, you can even rehydrate Beasty Tendon Chews and add them to your dog’s food as a tasty meal topper.

  • Deliciously chewy treats help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy
  • Perfect when offered as a tasty treat or given as a reward during training
  • 100% beef tendon is an excellent source of protein
  • Rehydrate with water and add to your dog’s regular food as a tasty topper