Aussie Dog Wet Vest X/Large

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Aussie Dog Wet Vest, Dog Cooling Coat

Designed with the Australian summer in mind, the Aussie Dog Wet Vest helps to draw body heat away from your dog to keep them cool for up to four hours.

Dog Cooling Coats, cool jackets or dog cooling vests are designed to make your dog more comfortable in hot weather and when exposed to the sun.

Simply immerse the vest in cool water before putting it on.

The lightweight and flexible material means it won’t interfere with playtime or walkies!

  • Helps keep your dog cool for up to four hours
  • Draws heat away from the skin
  • Non-toxic, comfortable and lightweight
  • Absorbs water after bath time
  • Available in four sizes

The vests are great for hot days around the house, exercise and playtime. In addition to the vests, dog owners should educate themselves on the signs of heatstroke and follow safe hot weather practices.

Size guide:


Extra Large WET50: Black length 50cm, fits waist 74 – 94cm