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ROGZ AIRTECH SPORT HARNESS With the ergonomic design of the Rogz AirTech Sport Harness, it is quick and easy to fit. The belay loop on the harness allows for a lead attachment and when used with A...
ROGZ AIRTECH CLASSIC COLLAR Recommended for everyday use and identification, the Rogz AirTech Classic Collar is lightweight and has a soft tether for lead attachment. The engineered fabric has smo...
ROGZ AIRTECH CLASSIC LEAD  Recommended for everyday use, Rogz AirTech Classic Leads are lightweight and offer supreme comfort with a soft padded handle that has an accessory pouch to hold a waste ...
ROGZ AIRTECH SPORT BELT & LEAD This is the ultimate hands-free combination that is both comfortable and lightweight. The adjustable lead is attached with a strong, lockable carabiner and the s...
ROGZ AIRTECH ULTRALITE LEAD Rogz AirTech UltraLite Lead is lightweight, easy to stow-away for off lead activities and compactable. The helium tether is sound free and quiet in action for those lon...
ROGZ AIRTECH MULTI LEAD Rogz AirTech Multi Lead provides multiple soft adjustment points for two dog walking, a temporary post tie and when used with a harness, it allows for control through Stop-...
Showing 1-6 of 6 Results