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Prime100 has worked with leading specialists from Murdoch University (Western Australia) to create innovative dry food formulas. SPD™ ZEROG™ diets are scientifically proven to provide targeted benefits to dogs with certain indications, where most other dry foods cannot. Consumer demands are changing and the focus is turning to functional foods. Foods that can assist with the treatment or prevention of certain indications (e.g. diabetes, digestion, skin and dental issues)

The shift to premium foods

The shift in expenditure to more premium pet foods stems from the anthropomorphisation (or ‘humanisation’) of pets. Firstly, in today’s environment they have become much more a part of our families than they ever have. Secondly, In nations like Australia, which have higher standards of living, higher order needs such as health and wellness are much more of a focus for the human population, and pets are reaping the benefits. And finally, Australian pet owners are spending more on their pet’s health and welfare and paying more attention to country of origin and checking for ‘Australian made’ as an assurance of quality and freshness. As a society, natural and functional pet food ingredients are being sought out over the regular brands.

Demand for specialist and therapeutic foods is growing

There has been significant growth in therapeutic and preventative options for pets. These foods are able to treat issues related to mobility, digestion and oral health. Clinical nutrition products account for a small share of overall dog food sales due to their specificity and limited availability through vet clinics, but the range of options is increasing.

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