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In 2007, Pet Head was launched by the same creators of Bed Head hair care products in the USA. The line was inspired out of their love for animals and to ensure our pooches get the same quality products as we do!

Pet Head has an amazing range of shampoos, conditioners and sprays to keep your pup smelling great!

It’s not just the fresh and fruity fragrances that make Pet Head amazing. All Pet Head products are packed with natural ingredients that nourish the dogs fur leaving it soft, shiny, strong and obviously, smelling great – aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, argan oil and oatmeal are just a few of those amazing ingredients.

Dogs are our family too!

Our mission is to be part of the playful and loving relationship between you and your dog. Because we believe that dogs are part of our family and they deserve the best like you do too!

Only Pet Head has the most pampering, multi-sensorial and effective care range, allowing you to treat your dog as well as you treat yourself.

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